Somoya saloon - Amsterdam

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Somoya saloon - Amsterdam

Somoya saloon - Amsterdam
A classic weekend in Amsterdam. An exclusive romantic getaway.
An efficient & classy business base. A relaxing retreat from the daily grind.
The beautiful ship The Somoya (Swahili for wild wind) is moored in the heart of the city’s famous Eastern Docklands, internationally known for the ‘Super Dutch’ architecture, wide open harbors and wicked sunsets. The neighborhood is also ideal with its proximity to the infamous historical city centre as well as the cultural hotchpotch of Eastern Amsterdam with its colorful markets and exotic food. The docklands themselves offer a variety of good restaurants, hip bars and cool cafes with great views, as well as shops and supermarkets within walking distance. A short bike ride away is our Gooyen windmill, complete with real dutch brewery, renowned for its excellent IJ bier.

The mooring of the Somoya is on the Javakade, a safe haven of tranquility just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of the city. Amidst classic Dutch barges the Somoya is in the heart of the city’s dynamic harbor. There are intimate city gardens on Java and a park on the water for sunning and swimming, as well as a real Italian family restaurant around the corner where you can enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace overlooking the IJ….although you don’t necessarily have to leave the ship for any of those activities.


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